Monday, July 13, 2009

the beginning

So i have had this blog thing for like 6 months and i decided its finally time to write a blog. Michael and I are currently living in Santa Rosa, CA. We have been married for about a year and a half. Michael is working as a special education teacher about an hours drive from Santa Rosa. He loves is job so much and I am proud that he is really helping these kids out. I who have a degree in psychology am working as a bookkeeper and sales rep for a kitchen and bath showroom. My job is very very stressful and I am looking to find a new one. We are both playing soccer on a coed team and individual teams. We are "trying" to get in shape for the alumni game. Ok hopefully I can keep up this blog.


Charis2105 said...

Yeah Kimmee!!!
Way to go with the blog!
I look forward to reading more. Sorry to hear your job is getting more stressful. Good luck on the job search!

The Finch's said...

Finally!!!! I am glad that you have a

Kari said...

well look who we have here. :) it's been quite sometime...but it looks like you guys will be coming to the alumni game. it will be good to see you!

The Todds said...

WAHOOO yeah Kimmy!!!!Love you guys!